Central State Archive of Literature and Arts of Ukraine

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August, 30

In the conference hall of the Central State Archive of Literature and Art of Ukraine within the literary and musical project «Art in the meeting archive-museum» was a recital Suhlobinoyi Catherine «Baroque and Romanticism in violin music». Accompanist – Lyudmila Osadchy.


The concert program is built around art Baroque and Romanticism. Baroque presents partutа for solo violin by Johann Bach BWV 1006. This suite is an encyclopedia of ancient dances: the virtuoso preludes follows five different character dance pieces. In the world of romantic music listener plunge through works that are true gems of the violin repertoire. This is a concerto for violin and orchestra of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (first part), dreamy «Romance» Norwegian Yugan Swensen and brilliant work of the Frenchman Camille Saint-Saens «Introduction and Rondo-kaprichiozo».

Stylistic features of the program provides a sonata for violin and harpsichord (piano transcription) Ukrainian classics Maxim Berezovsky (1745-1777). This work, which is one of the few chamber works of the composer that survives today is a unique combination of Ukrainian melody composer and Western traditions. Performing this reassuring sonatas in the museum archive is of particular importance and meaning, as it is here preserved the original manuscripts of the works of this composer.